WHITE BUFFALO SIGN COMPANY creates signs and posters that are exact looking replicas of found originals. We call them replicas because the original sign or poster image is digitally captured with high resolution scanning equipment and then printed and produced as the vintage originals were found; rust, stains, scratches and all.

In the case of signs, they are printed and applied to 24 gauge galvanized metal and then a weather, scratch and fade resistant laminate film is applied to the sign for protection from the elements. Even though some original signs are embossed and ours are flat printed they still have the nice original vintage look and are not someone’s version of a vintage looking sign.
We can reduce or enlarge the size of the image since they are in a digital format. So if you find a poster, sign or photo you like but it is too large or small for your use; please ask about additional sizes.

Our signs, posters and photos are printed and produced right here in middle America!